We would like to take a moment to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Aboriginal people, the traditional custodians of the land on which we live, work, and learn. We acknowledge their deep spiritual connection to the land and the wisdom that they have gained from living on this land for thousands of years.

We pay our respects to the Elders, past, present, and emerging


We’re on a mission to build the world’s best community for people, where we love to share, grow, and be there for each other. Our Indians in Sydney group has been a wonderful place for support if you have a question, need inspiration, encouragement, just to chat or just to find best Chhola Bhatura in town or about just anything. Full of friendly, helpful members, it is indeed has been very uplifting group. Believe us, it’s been incredible to see the generosity of all our members – sharing knowledge, sharing empathy and sharing stories. Our purpose has always been Connecting people to enrich those beautiful lives. We strive to create an inclusive network for Indians living in Sydney to share information, access local services and connect with their peers. We seek to provide a safe and supportive space for people of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging cultural exchange and celebrating shared heritage.

We love to connect more people together and make them as passionate about being connected as we are. And that is still our biggest mission today. where are contributing to the community, to the people in need to be there for each other. where fellow countrymen passes a smile to passing by fellow countrymen not just glare at them 


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times when we are just newly migrant to this country. Everything exciting, but still there is feeling of solitary. It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness where we think we know everything yet missing and unknown to many things including where to find best chhole bhature in Sydney (still finding the answer for this one), it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity where we decided to do something that will bring the community together and same time assist newly migrant to get answers to everything (Almost everything) they need in this beautiful country and off course there were several thousands thoughts how where when why. it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness with each idea gave us energy to start something exciting, it was the spring of hope, that when the group was launched back in 2007 with aim to bring everyone together, to be there for each other, to help each other in finding answers to all those questions and the same time bringing community connected. People kept on joining and eventually expanding the human possibilities of sharing, supporting and BECONNECTED. Indians in Sydney is all about people and thats our members where We promote a positive online experience for everyone in the community, 

The founding VISION was to create a space for contributors and those seeking answers to feel safe and acknowledged while expressing themselves and their situations. What started as a Facebook group has now transitioned into a virtual family built on providing solace and empathy. Indians in Sydney Largest Facebook Group strives to provide a safe and positive platform for the Indian diaspora in Sydney to come together, share experiences, connect with one another, and build strong communities.