Name: Could you please introduce yourself?

Hello IIS community, I am Dr. Alpesh Patel, PhD, Registered Migration Agent, and Director at Visa Excellence –Education and Migration Consultation firm.

Location: Where in Sydney are you currently residing?

Marsden Park, NSW

Origin: Where are you originally from, and what brought you to Sydney?

I am a father of  two from Ahmedabad, Gujarat-currently residing in Marsden Park and settled in Sydney since last 13 years.

I am a lifelong learner and believe in ‘adapt and evolve’. This mind set had helped me achieving respect professionally and socially. Sharing my education and employment journey with the intent to inspire others, I aim to convey the narrative without any form of self-promotion.

Academic and Professional Evolution
Being from humble background in childhood, I had quickly learnt that education will be a way out to the success. After completion of Bachelor of Pharmacy from Gujarat University, I moved to Punjab at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, to complete master’s degree.

My journey in Sydney had started in 2010 as a PhD scholar at Macquarie University. As an appreciation of my research work in India, I was lucky to get scholarship from the university to cover my tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance and travelling cost totalling close
to $150,000.

I started working as a post-doctoral research fellow at School of Chemistry, UNSW in 2014. I started working as a professional staff at Faculty of Pharmacy at USyd in the following year. I worked as a technical officer for 3 years before moving to Western Sydney University as a
Senior Technical officer. In 2021, I was promoted to my current role as a Technical Team Leader. My team provides research and teaching support to School of Science at Western Sydney University.

In 2022, I started a full-time study in Australian Immigration Law and passed Capstone examination with more than 80% score to become a Registered Migration Agent. It was challenging to juggle between the full-time study, full time work and family commitments.

Notable Milestones:

  • Registered Migration and Education Agent (MARN 2318354)
  • Completed Graduate Diploma in Australian
  • Immigration Law and Practice and
  • Capstone examination in first trial with more than 80% score, while working full time – after leaving studies for a decade.
  • Justice of Peace, NSW since 2015
  • Technical Team Leader, Applied Science Team, Western Sydney University
  • Authored 15 International Journal Articles and granted 2 Patents for my academic research
  • Completed PhD Degree with a scholarship to cover all the expenses and stipend allowance.
  • Worked in tertiary education industry for 13 years
  • Small business owner and property investor


Motivation: What inspired you to embark on your journey to Australia?

Thirst for better lifestyle, global exposure and good earning incentives were the inspirations to embark on my journey to Australia. 

Challenges & Triumphs: Could you share a challenge you’ve faced since arriving in Sydney, and how you overcame it?

The biggest challenge I had faced initially in Sydney was adapting to a new culture. I had been working in a profession with a very little Indian community representation.
The language barrier had grown smaller as the time passed. The best way to overcome this challenge was to spend time with the colleagues to establish the trust and bonding. I had to quickly learn the teamwork, collaborations, being inclusive and being self-aware to avoid unintentional disrespectful behaviours. 
After graduating as a PhD student, it was challenging to find an ongoing work. I had ended up working as a Pizza delivery driver and a bus driver for a short while. However, I am proud of myself that I did what was needed to keep the family going. 

Positive Perspective: How do you maintain a positive outlook in the face of challenges?

Goals and milestones keeps me motivated! 
I maintain the positive perspective by looking back to console myself that I have evolvedfrom very humble childhood to all the way up to here and there is much more to achieve. 

Favorite Spot: Do you have a favorite place in Sydney that you enjoy spending time at?

have started playing volleyball since 2012 and I love to play volleyball with the friendsat Elara Oval, currently. It is a great opportunity to socialise with the friends on the weekend and burn some calories. 
My favourite place to visit around Sydney is Palm Beach in northern suburbs. This has a special place in my heart as it was the first Australian beach I had ever visited

Cultural Connection: Are there any specific cultural traditions or practices you’ve brought with you to Sydney?

Being from Gujarati roots, Garba and Diwali celebrations are the biggest celebrations for us.  It is great to see increased appreciation of such festivals in Australia as our community is growing. 

Fun & Leisure: What’s your go-to way to unwind and have fun in the city?

Best way for me to unwind is to go on a bike ride with my kids on weekend at local bike trails. 
I am always eager to grab an opportunity to go out on a beach during summer and spend amazing family time at the beach. 

Message to Newcomers: If you could give one piece of advice to someone new to Sydney, what would it be?

To be successful, one will need to have a long- term goal and achieve small milestones as you go along. 
Be respectful, evolve and adapt.  
Enjoy your life and have work-life balance! 
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