Name: Could you please introduce yourself?

Anurag Sharma, I am a hotel management professional with over twenty years of global experience with brands like Hyatt, Shangri-La, Crown Casino Hotels, Radisson and InterContinental Hotel Group. I work as a General Manager at the Hotel Holiday Inn, Parramatta, Sydney. My wife runs a boutique travel agency-Book My Flight, and we are passionate about Hindi musical events/shows and selling/buying real estate

Location: Where in Sydney are you currently residing?

Box Hill

Origin: Where are you originally from, and what brought you to Sydney?

I am originally from Western Uttar Pradesh and moved to Australia in 2012 after studying and living in New Zealand for four years for better career prospects.

Motivation: What inspired you to embark on your journey to Australia?

I came for my internship in Sydney from 2004-2005 and loved the city and lifestyle. As a hotelier, Sydney was the perfect choice in terms of career opportunities.

Challenges & Triumphs: Could you share a challenge you’ve faced since arriving in Sydney, and how you overcame it?

Irrespective of how good you were doing in your career back home, you have to start from scratch and prove yourself.

I started networking and attending hospitality events to learn the Australian way of working and adapt. It also opened doors to great career opportunities on the way.

Positive Perspective: How do you maintain a positive outlook in the face of challenges?

I follow some great philosophers and strongly believe in living and enjoying the present by not worrying about things beyond our control. Our monkey mind will always pull us to the worst-case scenario.

As Eckhart Tolle says, “People don’t realise that now is all there ever is; there is no past or future except as memory or anticipation in your mind.”

Favorite Spot: Do you have a favorite place in Sydney that you enjoy spending time at?

We are blessed to live in Sydney City. Visiting Sydney Harbour and the Rocks always excites me and my family.

Cultural Connection: Are there any specific cultural traditions or practices you’ve brought with you to Sydney?

We love celebrating Indian festivals with family and friends and ensure kids are still connected to their roots

Fun & Leisure: What’s your go-to way to unwind and have fun in the city?

I love exploring new restaurants, cafes, and bars and attending musical events with my family and friends.

Message to Newcomers: If you could give one piece of advice to someone new to Sydney, what would it be?

My advice will be to be open in reaching out to people and grow your network. Attend social events, meet new people, and use LinkedIn to connect with the leaders in your industry.

“Your network is your net worth.”.

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