Beware of Scammers on Virtual World

January 18, 2023

We have seen a bit of an influx of scammers in this virtual world. Please beware of random friend requests or messages from unknown people.

These Fake Facebook friend requests can come for a variety of reasons although some are harmless, some may be scammers and malicious. Most of these requests you get, might not even be a real person at all they just want to scan your profile and get your data. Some will do a lot of sweet-talking you into giving up personal information. Facebook is full of them Scammers, Malicious link posters, and Catfishing these are the ones who will create detailed profiles to trick vulnerable ones for romantic or financial gains. There is a variety of catfishing, masquerading as an imposter on social media. Now during the COVID-19 quarantine, cybercriminals and scammers are using Facebook messenger and fake profiles to trap users with phishing links.

Here are some things you can ask yourself or do before befriending people.

1. First and foremost Do your own due diligence before accepting messages or befriending anyone

2. Ask yourself If you recognize this person or ever recall meeting them, the profile could be fake.

3. Is their Facebook history limited?

4. Is this request from a very attractive person and they will too perfect in the pictures?

5. Do they have limited friends, and most of the friends are just random friends?

6. They might Claim To Be In Love With You Too Soon

Remember When you accept an unknown friend request, you may also unwittingly place your contacts at risk as well.

This place is no doubt wonderful to make new friends and meet new people. It should not deter you or make you scared however Due diligence is important. This post is just purely for awareness purposes. Facebook does have a lot of AI in place to track down and block such scammers and Off-course admin are here to help and have all standards, and guidelines in place we are here to listen to you but you need to stand up for yourself, don’t let such losers play with your mind. We are here for you and if it is going out of hand – and disturbing your mental peace please do contact the Police. Please feel to leave any comments/suggestions/feedback on how we can improve and provide a better experience for our members.

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