Culinary Odyssey: Must-Try Indian Restaurants in Sydney

January 19, 2024

  1. Don’t Tell Aunty

Jessi Singh’s Bollywood-inspired restaurant, Don’t Tell Aunty, is a celebration of rule-breaking flavors. With influences from Australia and America, the menu offers unique creations like Indian nachos and Aussie lamb chops. The vibrant atmosphere and an impressive drinks list curated by winemaker Rajat Parr make it a must-visit.

  1. Indu

Indu takes you on a culinary journey through the lesser-known southern coastal regions of India. The cavernous space offers a variety of seating options, and the menu features fast and furious delights, including dosas, hoppers, and coconut-based curries with barramundi, pork belly, and slow-cooked Lachlan Valley lamb.

  1. Spiced by Billu’s

Bringing authentic and colorful Indian cuisine to Barangaroo, Spiced by Billu’s offers a decadent dining experience with a sleek fit-out. The menu, inspired by their flagship eatery in Harris Park, features a $40 banquet menu, chicken tikka masala, and endless garlic naan.

  1. The Spice Room

Transforming Indian street food into an elegant affair, The Spice Room focuses on the northwest region of India. Chef Darbyan Singh’s menu includes hand-pressed lamb seekh kebab and fragrant chicken biryani. Choose your adventure or opt for the grand emperor’s banquet for a feast fit for royalty.

  1. Manjit’s
  • Location: 49 Lime St, King Street Wharf, Sydney
  • Website:

With a sparkling water view, Manjit’s serves up delicious Indian flavors, including the must-try ‘kaju ki sabzi’ – cashew nuts sautéed with mixed spices. The cocktail menu is equally enticing, featuring sharabi lassi, Indian summer, and Mumbai blends.

  1. Wigram Street in Harris Park
  • Location: Wigram Street, Harris Park
  • Notable Mention: Ginger Indian Restaurant – 94 Wigram St, Harris Park
  • Website:

Experience authentic Indian dining in Sydney’s western suburbs on Wigram Street, lined with Indian restaurants, sweet shops, and spice merchants. Ginger Indian Restaurant, housed in a quaint cottage, is a favorite for homestyle north Indian Mughlai cuisine.

  1. Chatkazz
  • Location: Shop. 4-6/14-20 Station St East, Harris Park
  • Website:

Get your South Indian street food fix at Chatkazz, offering over 200 vegetarian snack foods. From vada pav to paper-thin dosa, the lively eatery is a vibrant haven for those seeking authentic and diverse South Indian flavors.

  1. Flyover Fritterie

Inspired by India’s street food carts, Flyover Fritterie focuses on the classic subcontinental snack of pakora and chai. Dive into a variety of fritters, accompanied by sweet-hot mint and tamarind chutney, and complemented by expertly made masala chai.

  1. Pinky Ji

Pinky Ji, a technicolour dream on York Street, is a bold addition to Jessi Singh’s restaurant portfolio. Offering ‘inauthentic’ Indian food, the menu features spicy pilao, paneer spring rolls, and rib-eye cooked in a tandoor oven with truffle korma sauce.

  1. LalQila

Experience a royal and unique Mughlai food and culture at LalQila, considered the best Pakistani or Indian restaurant Sydney can have. The massive menu, utilizing methods like charcoal barbecue and clay oven, remains authentic to its recipes. Surry Hills and Darling Harbour locations offer a regal dining experience.

  1. Abhi’s Indian Restaurant
    • Location: Strathfield

Abhi’s Indian Restaurant in Strathfield is renowned for its sophisticated flavors drawing mostly from India’s north and west. Highlights include urundai crab patties, Patiala goat curry, and double ka meetha, a Mughlai bread pudding served with rose petal ice cream.

Sydney’s Indian culinary landscape is a rich tapestry of flavors waiting to be explored. Whether you’re craving traditional northern Indian dishes, innovative fusions, or South Indian street food, these 12 restaurants offer a delightful array of options. Embark on a gastronomic journey and savor the diverse and authentic tastes of India right here in Sydney.

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