Domestic Violence – Silent Killer

January 20, 2023

IIS, Let’s all work together to stop domestic violence. It is one most serious issues faced by our community and is a serious problem that impacts many families throughout Australia. It is also major national welfare and health issue that can have lifelong impacts on victims and perpetrators. The other fact is the majority of this dangerous, abusive, and violent behavior occurs in the privacy of people’s homes. In our community, most of these behaviors are not reported because of various reasons….Could be social pride, could be Fear, Could be insecurity, Could be those Values from back home, and many other individual reasons. Even though lot of them goes unnoticed, still statistic shows that Indian women are one of the largest migrant group in Australia to call family violence helpline. One of the reasons we would like to discuss this is because we want the victim to come out of their fears, be strong, and be assured that they have a whole community behind them. We want them to understand Domestic violence not only affects them as a victim but touches their children and their families back home. It affects their sense of identity and belonging as an individual.

The other reason of concern is the silent suffering of many Indian women, especially the ones who have no right to access to some of these services offered by the government. For those women, we want the community to come forward and be their supportive friend and provide them with much-needed emotional support and strength. Raising awareness is very important among the victims, they need to understand they have support available everywhere from NSW Police Force, Centrelink, various free counseling services such as Domestic Violence NSW Relationships Australia NSW (and a lot of others) are available throughout and free legal services are available through community legal centers.

If you are looking for help, if you are suffering, Please pick yourself up, have courage and walking power. A partner is a nice addition to your world and should not be complete for you. Please report to the relevant authorities. if someone around you is suffering or looking for help, please help. Remember Domestic violence not just associated with physical and sexual abuse but includes emotional and mental abuse as well

The other reason to publish this was, we would like members to tag themselves or their friends who are happy to help members who are suffering and provide them with much-needed emotional support (not financial). There are few members in our group itself, and hopefully, will contact you for support. Remember The best thing you can do is offer support – listen to what the person has to say and believe what is being said. Again please do your due diligence before befriending anyone of social media especially if you don’t know them personally. if you ever feel one of us in the community can be of any assistance whatsoever – please feel free to reach out. The admin team can post anonymously on the group to help you get in touch with the right people..

If you or someone you know is experiencing sexual abuse or family violence contact:

National Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence Counselling Service 24-hour helpline 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732

24-hour Emergency Accommodation helpline on 1800 800 588

Safe At Home helpline on 1800 633 937

SHE (free and confidential counselling and support) on 6278 9090

Sexual Assault Support Services on 6231 1811, or after hours 6231 1817

Family Violence Crisis and Support Service on 1800 608 122

Bravehearts – Sexual Assault Support for Children on 1800 BRAVE 1

Don’t go it alone. Please reach out for help by contacting Lifeline on 13 11 14

Men who have anger, relationship or parenting issues, should contact the Men’s Referral Service on 1300 766 491 or the Don’t Become That Man helpline on 1300 243 413

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