How Sydney’s Indian Community is Growing Through Facebook

February 21, 2023

The Indian diaspora in Sydney is growing and the largest social media group bringing like-minded individuals together is Indians in Sydney. Our group has quickly become one of the most popular online forums for sharing information on all things related to Indian culture, lifestyle, and entertainment. Whether you are looking for recommendations on local eateries or advice about studying abroad, this Facebook community has you covered! Our members come from a variety of backgrounds with many different interests.

In this article, lets take a closer look at our group for Indians living in Sydney – what the group offers and how it has grown to become such an important part of the Indian community in Australia. For many Indians living in Sydney, this Facebook group has become an invaluable source of support and advice. Whether you’re looking for information on job opportunities, cultural events or even just a friendly chat, this is the place to be.

Launched back in 2007 with aim to bring everyone together, to be there for each other, to help each other in finding answers to all those questions and the same time bringing community connected. People kept on joining and eventually expanding the human possibilities of sharing, supporting and BECONNECTED. Indians in Sydney is all about people. that’s our members where we promote a positive online experience for everyone in the community,  We offer a platform to support each other by providing information on events, job postings, food recommendations and more. Our members have access to advice from experienced professionals across diverse fields such as migration agents, and accounting services. our members always strive to help fellow countrymen seeking guidance on visa applications or navigating the Australian job market by providing relevant resources online. Moreover, our members can join discussion groups focusing on topics ranging from start-up businesses to cultural conversations. This provides us with an opportunity connect with people of different backgrounds while learning more about Indian culture and heritage.

We’re on a mission to build the world’s best community for people, where we love to share, grow, and be there for each other. Our Indians in Sydney group has been a wonderful place for support if you have a question, need inspiration, encouragement, just to chat or just to find best Chhola Bhatura in town or about just anything. Full of friendly, helpful members, it is indeed has been very uplifting group. Believe us, it’s been incredible to see the generosity of all our members – sharing knowledge, sharing empathy and sharing stories. Our purpose has always been Connecting people to enrich those beautiful lives. We strive to create an inclusive network for Indians living in Sydney to share information, access local services and connect with their peers. We seek to provide a safe and supportive space for people of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging cultural exchange and celebrating shared heritage.

Join us today – Connect with your fellow countrymen, share their stories and experiences, and find numerous resources related to immigration, job opportunities and delicious food around the town

“We love to collaborate and connect with South Asian Bloggers, Writers, Podcasters, Editors, Journalists, Videographers, Graphic designers, and just anyone to create content for Indians in Sydney and abroad. If you’re interested in writing a Guest blog for us or collaborating with us in any way or just feel like talking to a friend or being a part of the NRI community or just want to catch up for coffee. We are here for you. Drop us a line via our facebook Page

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