Mov’In Bed Outdoor Cinema: Unveiling a Dreamy Beach Cinematic Experience

January 25, 2024

In the bustling landscape of Australia’s outdoor cinema scene, Mov’In continues to redefine the movie-watching experience, proving that innovation is the key to staying in the limelight. Since its inception in 2016, Mov’In has consistently offered fresh takes on its unique concept of outdoor bed cinema, ensuring movie enthusiasts never witness the same setup twice.

The journey began with Mov’In Boat, gracefully floating on Darling Harbour, followed by the rooftop revelation of Mov’In Car at Entertainment Quarter, featuring Australia’s inaugural EV drive-in cinema. Now, the latest spectacle in their repertoire is set against the breathtaking backdrop of Barangaroo — an invitation to watch movies in bed on the beach.

As the sheets unfurl and projectors hum to life this summer, Mov’In Bed Outdoor Cinema will transform Harbour Park in Barangaroo into a sandy haven from Friday, January 12, to Sunday, April 14, 2024. Picture this: 150 queen-sized beds atop a vast expanse of 280 tonnes of pristine white sand, providing a truly unique movie-watching setting under the stars.

The diverse program promises a blend of new releases and timeless classics, allowing patrons to pair their cinematic experience with stunning skyline views. To enhance the indulgence, food and drinks will be seamlessly delivered to your bed. Embracing the spirit of fun, themed dress-up nights will be on offer, and an intermission will be introduced for those extra-long movie nights.

Upon arrival, expect to be serenaded with DJ-spun tunes, focusing on songs from iconic film soundtracks. Once the movie begins, the world outside fades away, thanks to Mov’In’s ingenious use of noise-cancelling headphones for every attendee.

Harbour Park, Barangaroo

How to Get There:
Easy walk from Wynyard station or call your friendly UBER / TAXI guy

Booking Information:
For tickets and more details, visit the official Mov’In Bed website:

Get ready to dive into a cinematic reverie like never before as Mov’In Bed Outdoor Cinema invites you to experience the enchantment of movies under the stars, on the shores of Barangaroo. Book your spot now for an unforgettable cinematic escapade!

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