Name: Could you please introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Neha Masharuwala. I lead a dual life defined by my two passions. By profession, I am a dedicated registered nurse, committed to providing care and support to those in need. But beyond the healthcare walls, I am equally passionate about fashion design. The jewellery designs and fabrics are my canvas, and I use them to weave stories of creativity and style. Join me on this journey as I balance the realms of healthcare and haute couture, striving to make a difference in both worlds. 

Origin: Where are you originally from, and what brought you to Sydney?

I am originally from Gujarat, India, and my arrival in Sydney, Australia, was due to circumstantial reasons.
I am motivated by personal satisfaction and the intrinsic rewards of accomplishing tasks. My motivation comes from within, not solely from external rewards or recognition. I possess a strong internal desire and determination to achieve my goals and succeed, often independent of external influences or pressures.

Positive Perspective: How do you maintain a positive outlook in the face of challenges?

Despite facing personal challenges, I have a never give up attitude and positive perspective on my journey in Australia. I am grateful for the acceptance I’ve received, as well as the support of numerous people who have been there for me throughout this experience.

Favorite Spot: Do you have a favorite place in Sydney that you enjoy spending time at?

 Everything in Sydney is just stunning! Whether it’s the beaches or coastal trails, the Blue Mountains or the Royal National Park. Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, and the Australian Museum, all are fantastic places to explore. 

Fun & Leisure: What’s your go-to way to unwind and have fun in the city?

I find joy in spending time at home, and I’m a dedicated workaholic. I also have a passion for watching movies, and my favourite pastime is browsing and searching extensively on the internet.

Message to Newcomers: If you could give one piece of advice to someone new to Sydney, what would it be?

A valuable piece of advice for newcomers in Sydney is to embrace acceptance, adaptability, positivity, perseverance, resilience, wear a smile, and savor the experience with joy and fun.

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