NSW Jobs connect for International Students

A New South Wales Government initiative delivered in partnership with Study NSW and SEEK. The job search journey for international students has just become easier thanks to a new joint program launched by SEEK and Study NSW. This initiative is aimed at helping students from overseas navigate the job market in New South Wales and make their transition into Australian employment smoother.
The program consists of tailored advice sessions for those looking for work, covering employability skills such as writing resumes, cover letters, interview techniques and more. These sessions are provided both online and in person with the help of industry experts who can provide valuable insight into what employers are looking for in potential candidates. Furthermore, SEEK has also created an exclusive platform that showcases job opportunities specifically targeting international students based in NSW.

The New South Wales Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade Alister Henskens has highlighted the importance of international students to his state’s economy. In an official statement released today, he said that more than 136,000 international students are currently attending university or other educational institutions in NSW. He added that these students make a significant contribution to the state’s economic growth and development through their tuition fees, living expenses and spending on entertainment.

Overall this program is designed to help international students make smarter decisions when it comes to their career paths, while giving them access to the information they need to gain meaningful employment outcomes in Australia.

If you are of a NSW business and want to stay informed and involved in the initiative to recruit students and graduates from foreign nations, then submit your expression of interest here.

If you’re an international student or graduate and keen to gain valuable work experience while completing your studies, we will walk you through rules and regulations of employment and connect you with opportunities, visit Study NSW to find registered businesses with current employment opportunities.

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